Registry Infrastructure

Australian Registry Investments

Australia: Sydney; New South Wales.

Acquired June 2017
UTA Ownership 30%

Australian Registry Investments ("ARI") is the sole provider of essential land and property services in Australia's largest property market of New South Wales (the "State"). ARI maintains a secure and efficient guaranteed system of land ownership providing document registration services; titling and plan examination; and related information services. The investment is structured through a 35-year concession and is supported by the Torrens Title system whereby the State guarantees indefeasibility of title.

Investment Rationale
  • Exclusive provider of essential land and property services ("single source of trust") for land ownership in New South Wales
  • Stable cash flow profile linked to NSW economy and Sydney CPI (prescribed fees)
  • Stable, low risk operational model with scope for productivity and cost improvements
Key ESG Elements
  • ARI recognise the importance of an active consideration of the environmental, social and corporate governance factors in the sustainable operation of ARI
  • ARI actively engages with the community and other stakeholders on a range of matters to ensure that ARI services continue to underpin the confidence and liquidity in the NSW property market
  • ARI places great importance on its social license to operate and ensures that robust systems and processes are in place to ensure the integrity of the Register and the NSW public's trust and confidence in ARI is maintained
  • ARI has invested significant time and efforts to provide individual guidance to staff through the transition from public and private ownership
  • ARI will provide a fair and equitable treatment of all employees, supported by transparent communications